Is Englewood NJ Intolerant of Christians and hostile to Freedom of Speech?

I am writing this in response to the recent article by Rebecca Baker “ Tension levels rising at abortion protests outside Englewood clinic.”

Thank you to Rebecca Baker for taking on this important story. America stands or falls on the First Amendment. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are two crucial components that gives the people the power to live in a land that is free and to stand up against oppression and tyranny.

Let’s tone down the rhetoric

Having said that, I do take issue with the phrase  ”militant activists”.  It was purposely used, but that is unfortunate. The definition of militant: combative and aggressive in support of a political or social cause, and typically favoring extreme, violent, or confrontational methods.

None of the protesters that go there are in favor of extreme, violent methods.  No one who protests and speaks for the babies in Englewood are violent.  On the other hand, I was almost run over by an automobile driven by a doctor who works for this ‘clinic’. As our nation unravels, we now view the slaughter of innocent babies in the womb as normal and anyone who defends life, uses their freedoms to object to this insanity as abnormal (or in this case militant). The word would be more aptly applied to those who cause harm and destroy human life.

There is an unfortunate growing problem in America where new laws are enacted that stifle and endanger the freedoms we enjoy as citizens. How disgraceful that some try to enact Free-Speech Zones in American cities. America is a Free-Speech Zone.

Local ordinances should never supersede the laws of the land. Laws should be applied to ‘everyone’ equally. I agree with Englewood Police  Chief, Arthur O’Keefe. Englewood’s noise ordinance is ambiguous. Just for the mere fact that it’s confusing to the police chief means that it is just as confusing for individual officers who are paid to stand in front of this abortion mill. How about citizens? We shouldn’t be harassed for exercising our rights. Maybe because most people don’t exercise their freedoms. It’s so uncommon, when some do use their freedoms, it’s viewed as militant.

A few weeks ago in Englewood, I was immediately approached when I turned on a recording of babies crying. It was not a nuisance. It was only audible to whoever was standing next to me. One must take into consideration that this building is in a loud, commercial zone. It is hard to be heard on this busy street over loud buses, trucks and cars. But this issue is more than amplification, because  there have been times we have been threatened with arrest for merely using our voice.

So what is going on here? 
Is the ambiguous law being overused and abused just to silent and intimidate protesters? I certainly hope not. But there have been times that it feels that way. I have plenty of footage to document that.

The doctors are concerned with losing business. It’s a fact that the more protesters that show up to these mills, they lose money. Using emotionalism to try to paint the protesters as monsters who make people cry is simply not truthful. None of the protesters go there to make people cry. But we do know for a fact that the doctors go there everyday to destroy human life.

I am curious to see what the city will do to clarify their ambiguous ordinance. Chief O’Keefe is quoted saying “he wants the city to craft an ordinance with ‘some teeth’ and clarify what is allowed at protests.”

I hope those ‘teeth’ Chief O’Keefe has in mind do not bite the hands of freedom. Even though the abortion industry is currently legal does not mean it’s a just law. Our laws that protect us are based on what society deems ‘moral’ and ‘acceptable’. Germany enacted unjust laws under Hitler who murdered 6 million Jews. Hitler devalued human life and justified in murdering to accomplish his agenda.

55 million babies have been murdered in this nation. There is big money in this business of abortion. It’s a sad day when the abortion industry seems to be respected in a small community, and protesters who defend life and the moral teachings of our Judeo-Christian background are looked down-upon and not treated with respect.

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